Is Amanda Bynes Capitalizing Every Word In Her Tweets Because She’s Making Headlines?

June 29, 2013 • By Home

Amanda Bynes Making Headlines

So, when Amanda Bynes started capitalizing every word in her Tweets this week we got super annoyed, until we realized that she’s a genius. Back on June 20, 2013 Amanda Tweeted:

Thanks for writing articles about every tweet that I write. You’re only making me more famous!

It wasn’t long after that Amanda started setting up her Tweets like this:

Suing Every Magazine Lying About Me

Amanda is Tweeting like that because she’s making headlines. Everything she says on Twitter becomes a headline on hundreds of sites online, so she’s doing all of our work for us by coming up with the headlines herself.

Here are the headlines she Tweeted out today:

If Drake Is Ugly I’m Ugly

My Surgeon Can’t Perform Surgery Tomorrow So I Need To Wait Until This Week ;(

The Only Way Of Getting Over Your Fears Is By Facing Them

Drake Is Ugly

I’m Getting Surgery To Fix My Nose. There’s No Surgery That Fixes Drake’s Ugly Downward Facing Eyes

I Tweet What I Feel

Do you think Amanda is faking her attitude change? Let us know in the poll below!

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