“The Lone Ranger” Only Made $9 Million Opening Day

July 5, 2013 • By Home

The Lone Ranger Opening Day

Uh oh! “The Lone Ranger” only brought in $9.7 million on opening day – July 3, 2013. “Despicable Me 2″ opened the same day and brought in $34.3 million.

Disney spent $225 to make and promote “The Lone Ranger,” so the company has quite a bit of money to make up.

All of the main actors in “The Lone Ranger” have signed on to make two more films in the franchise, but that will only happen if the movie starts to make some more money.

Have you seen “The Lone Ranger”? Many people have avoided seeing the film in theaters because of it’s poor reviews from initial viewers. We’ll keep you posted!

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