Justin Bieber “Omaha Mall” Remix On The Way!

July 6, 2013 • By Home

Justin Bieber Omaha Mall

Justin Bieber is performing at the “Omaha Mall” today! Justin released a song about the mall back in 2010, and it sounds like he might have a remix ready for his concert!

Justin has yet to confirm the remix, but fans already have it trending on Twitter after Justin’s friend Ryan Good Tweeted:

On the way…omaha mall #remix

Do YOU hope Justin releases a remix of the track? Plus, will you be at Justin’s concert later?

Here are Justin’s Tweets about performing tonight:

Been a great little break but now gotta get back to tour. where are we going??? OMAHA MALL!!! @thatrygood u ready? #BelieveTour

OMAHA u ready??? #BelieveTour @kennyhamilton tell em how it is! @DJTayJames let’s go! haha

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