Cody Simpson Urged Alli Simpson To Launch A Singing Career

July 13, 2013 • By Home

Alli Simpson Why Im Single

Cody Simpson’s career is growing and growing, and of course he wants the same success for his sister Alli Simpson. Alli revealed in a new interview that every time Cody heard her sing around their house he encouraged her to launch a singing career, so finally she did!

Alli told the Sydney Daily Telegraph:

I never had any intention of getting into the business but whenever I would sing around the house, Cody always encouraged me to take it further. I thought I might as well give it a go because we are in the right market to do it…The response has been mind blowing. I would never have thought it would make it into the top charts around the world. It’s so surreal to me… We are both 100 per cent supportive of each other and are always there for one another.

Do you love Alli’s single “Why I’m Single”? And, do you want to hear more music from Cody’s younger sister in the future?

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