Update About ABC’s “Once Upon A Time In Wonderland”

July 20, 2013 • By Home

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland

There have been some more updates about ABC’s “Once Upon A Time” spin-off show “Once Upon A Time In Wonderland.” We know that “LOST” actor Naveen Andrews will be playing the character Jafar on the show. We also know that the following actors will be a part of the series:

Sophie Lowe (Alice)
Emma Rigby
Michael Socha
Peter Gadiot
John Lithgow (voicing the White Rabbit)

We now know that “Once Upon A Time In Wonderland” will feature flashbacks – similar to “Once Upon A Time,” and “LOST” of course. It has also been revealed that the present time of “Once Upon A Time In Wonderland” will be set in a post-curse world – just like “Once Upon A Time.”

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