Ariel, Peter Pan And Tinker Bell Coming To ABC’s “Once Upon A Time” Season 3

July 21, 2013 • By Home

Once Upon A Time Season 3

Some new characters will be arriving for the third season of ABC’s “Once Upon A Time.” Viewers will get to see Ariel, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell this season!

The actors playing the iconic characters have yet to be announced. Who would YOU like to see in the roles?

Here’s what “Once Upon A Time” co-creator Adam Horowitz revealed about the Tinker Bell character:

How we introduce her and who she is [will] hopefully be surprising. We’re going to find that she has a surprising connection to someone at this table. [at Comic-Con]

Adam also added about Peter Pan:

Peter Pan has a complicated motivation. It’s a little different than you’ve seen before.

And co-creator Eddy Kitsis added:

He might be frightening. To some people.

The series will return to ABC on September 29, 2013. Do you plan on tuning in?

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