Are Disney Stores Spraying A Disney Parks Scent Inside?

August 10, 2013 • By Home

Disney Store Scent

A lot of companies have used scents to promote their products, including Disney. At the parks there are vents installed that pump the smell of sweets down Main Street, and plenty of scents that are pumped into the rides to enhance your Disney Parks experience.

We’re wondering if Disney has expanded the sensory experience to their Disney Stores…

We were in a Disney Store last night that we have visited multiple times, but this experience at the store was different. As soon as we walked in we could smell the distinct “Disney” smell, and for the past 24 hours all we have been able to think about is going to the Disney Parks – visiting the hotels, eating the food and riding the rides. In fact, we almost scheduled a trip to Disney last night on our ride home from the mall.

If we had to guess we would say that the store we were in was for sure spraying the location with a “Disney” scent. We’ll keep you posted if we hear anything else about this!

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