Billy Ray Cyrus Cancels Talk Show Appearance After Miley Cyrus’ VMAs Performance

August 28, 2013 • By Home

Billy Ray Cyrus Miley Cyrus Interview

It looks like Billy Ray Cyrus might not know what to say about his daughter Miley Cyrus’ MTV VMAs performance. Billy Ray opened up to Entertainment Tonight about his daughter, stating:

Of course I’ll always be here for Miley. Can’t wait to see her when she gets home. She’s still my little girl and I’m still her Dad regardless how this circus we call show business plays out. I love her unconditionally and that will never change.

However it sounds like that’s all he wants to say about the subject as Billy Ray canceled his appearance on Piers Morgan Live this week.

Here’s what Piers told the audience at the show Billy Ray was set to appear on:

Billy Ray was supposed to be on the show tonight to explain his daughter’s behavior, but I’m not sure he’s quite worked out what his explanation is yet. So we’ve decided to postpone it. We are going to get the first interview. I know he’s watching tonight, so, Billy Ray, good evening, and when you’re ready, we will talk about this.

Yikes! We wonder what Billy Ray will say in the future about Miley!

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