Selena Gomez Dumped Justin Bieber Because Of Her Own Image

August 28, 2013 • By Home

Selena Gomez Image Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez believes that her image is influenced by those she surrounds herself with – so Justin Bieber had to go. Justin hasn’t had the best image himself lately, and Selena thought it was dragging her down.

However, Selena doesn’t feel the same way about her BFF Taylor Swift, even though Taylor’s potty mouth caused a lot of controversy at the MTV Video Music Awards when she swore at One Direction.

Selena Gomez Taylor Swift

Selena had this to say about Taylor while promoting her movie “Getaway,”

It’s so good to have her around. She’s great! I have good people around me. I have a strong belief that you must surround yourself with good people… I have a very strong family and good friends. I just want to do things that people end up respecting me for. You are who you surround yourself with, especially on tour.

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