Ross Lynch And The Members Of R5 Fight Over Girls

September 11, 2013 • By Home

Ross Lynch Brothers

Ross Lynch revealed that he and his brothers, the members of R5, fight over girls all the time! Here is an interview Ross and R5 had with Twist magazine:

Ross: Everyone gets into fights with their family members. It’s normally over something silly!

Rocky: We battle over girls sometimes.

Ross: Well of course we do! We’re only 13 months apart.

Rocky: Like if there’s a cute girl, we’re like, ‘Yo, there’s a cute girl over there…

Ross: And I’ve liked all of their girlfriends!

Rydel: Remember the girl who was texting Rocky and then she was texting you?

Rocky: Usually when one of us likes a girl we have a bro code, but Ross – he tries, but he’s a flirt! He says he’s not flirting, but he is!

Rydel: Rocky thinks all the girls like him, and Ross thinks they all like him.

Ross: Because they do!

Riker: Rocky and I like to hang out together with girls, like double dating.

Ross: But they leave me alone.

Riker: That’s because he has no experience! We can’t bring a newbie out there.

Ross: I don’t have a girl to invite anyway!

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