Nick Jonas Writes A Song About Rita Ora, And He’s Not Happy

September 15, 2013 • By Home

Nick Jonas Rita Ora

Nick Jonas and the Jonas Brothers have a new song called “What Do I Mean To You.” It turns out the track was written about Rita Ora, and it doesn’t sound like Nick is happy with her.

Here’s what Nick revealed about the new track:

I was inspired by being in London. It’s really dark. That’s what I love about this song. We used to be more creative than we needed to be with our lyrics to disguise the things we were really talking about and the people we were talking about. Now, it’s more fun to just lay it out. The person’s name who it’s about is in the second verse of the song.

The lyrics include:

No need for water, Rita/ You got the wine/ Searching for diamonds/ When I gave you the time.

Yikes! Sounds like Nick and Rita had a relationship gone wrong!

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