Is Miley Cyrus Moving Out Of Her Home? Moving Trucks Were Spotted!

September 20, 2013 • By Home

Miley Cyrus Moving

We had heard that Liam Hemsworth moved most of his belongings out of Miley Cyrus‘ home after the MTV VMAs. Then, he reportedly finished packing his things and moving out on Monday of this week.

However, a moving van was spotted at Miley Cyrus’ home this morning. Do you think that Miley was getting rid of furniture and items that remind her of Liam? Or, is the former Disney star moving herself?

Miley Cyrus Moving Out Of Her Home

No word yet where the moving truck was headed, but Miley very well could be leaving the home she shared with her parents for years before buying it from them!

We know that Liam is staying in a home not too far away from Miley’s house, and maybe she’s ready to get further away from him. What do you think?

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