More Details About The Jonas Brothers’ Fight Revealed By Singer Bonnie McKee

October 24, 2013 • By Home

Bonnie McKee Jonas Brothers

Singer Bonnie McKee was set to go on tour with the Jonas Brothers this month. Her bags were packed and had already been shipped to the first stop on the tour when she got the phone call that the group had canceled the 19-date concert tour.

Here’s what Bonnie revealed about the JoBros and their tension as a group, via MTV News:

I was completely surprised; it was literally the day before. All of our stuff had been shipped to the East Coast [for the first show in Pennsylvania]; all of our tickets were booked. We had a bus. We had been rehearsing 10 hours a day, every day, for two weeks. It was a huge shock. They had been in rehearsals literally days before. Everything was on course and fine, so I don’t know. I really don’t know what happened. Not all is lost and I hope that the Jonas Brothers work it out. I don’t really know exactly what went down, but I know that everyone’s kind of at odds. So I hope that they work it out because I think they’re very talented.

Both Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas have Tweeted messages to fans asking them to bear with them as they figure everything out, but so far no further details are known about what the guys are fighting over. We’ll keep you posted!

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