Demi Lovato Thinks Joe Jonas’ New York Magazine Article Is “Stupid”

December 7, 2013 • By Home

Demi Lovato Joe Jonas

Yikes! Demi Lovato revealed in an interview that she believes Joe Jonas’ New York Magazine article is “stupid.” While she supports Joe and is happy that he got everything off his chest in the article, she also believes he should have chosen his words more carefully!

My first reaction was, ‘Well that was stupid,’ But we are always going to be in each other’s lives. I was with Nick [Jonas] today and they are family. I’ve known them since I was 14, 15 and I have a lot of love for them…He never shared his side of the story and what he had to go through when we were friends or whatever. I was like, ‘Choose your words more carefully next time, but whatever, you’re fine!’

Joe Jonas Demi Lovato

And here’s what Joe had to say about the article being published:

I feel really relieved actually. I was very nervous releasing it. I hit kind of an anxiety wall where I was like, ‘S**t am I about to do this? This is kind of nerve-wracking.’ But then you just look at it on a different scale. You’re like, ‘This is my life and this is my story for myself to tell whoever is interested and let them inside the crazy life I’ve lived!’ I think it’s sensitive for someone so close to you to release. I wanted to make sure I spoke to them ahead of time and give them a heads-up that this is coming out. They had a very cool reaction to it. My brother Nick was like, ‘Hey dude, it’s your interview.’ That kind of speaks for itself. I felt really good about releasing it.

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