Miley Cyrus Says She Can Be More Free After Her MTV VMAs Performance

December 12, 2013 • By Home

Miley Cyrus MTV VMAs

Miley Cyrus revealed during a recent interview that she believes that her controversial MTV VMAs performance has allowed her to be more free in her career! When Miley was asked about the performance, and if she plans to return to the MTV VMA stage in the future, she responded:

Everyone else’s biggest moment of me was the VMAs. That was probably my biggest moment, I was pretty stoked to perform there, excited, you know. I doubt they’re ever gonna ask me back. Just kidding. Who knows. It kind of just opened so many doors for me to just be like, alright, I’ve already pissed you off as much as I possibly can. So now I can kind of just be freer and kind of do whatever it is we want to do and also have a lot of fun.

Miley is currently traveling across the country performing at Jingle Ball concerts!

Be sure to check out the photos and video of Miley performing at the Jingle Ball in Minnesota this week!

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