Kevin Jonas Reveals Why The Jonas Brothers Deleted Their Twitter Account

December 16, 2013 • By Home

Kevin Jonas Jonas Brothers Twitter

Kevin Jonas opened up during an interview at Ad Tech in New York about why he and his brothers decided to shut down their Twitter account. It wasn’t because the guys got into an argument and disbanded as a group, but rather it was because they felt Twitter wasn’t the best way to get in touch with their fans anymore.

In an interview with Sean Finnegan, CEO of The C4 Group (a digital consulting company new New York), Kevin revealed:

The 3 most important things to millennials are: looking good, feeling good and doing good. Make a place where they can be social, feel special and then sell to them. Allow them to become the tastemaker, give them ownership and they will support your brand in return…Why just give away our brand? We also deleted the Jonas Brothers Twitter account because it wasn’t authentic anymore. Our generation doesn’t even feel gratification from posting on social anymore, just obligation. Consuming media that is largely free increases the competition for millenial’s shortened attention spans. Soon we’ll have complete media freedom. You’ll see only what you want to see, when you want to see it.

Kevin also added:

As a celebrity, it comes down to letting them into your life, not telling them what to buy.

Do you agree with what Kevin had to say about social media?

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