Harry Styles And Kendall Jenner Are Still Going Strong!

January 3, 2014 • By

Harry Styles Kendall Jenner

While one source reported earlier this week that Harry Styles found Kendall Jenner “boring” and had decided to split up with her, it turns out that is NOT the case! Harry and Kendall have joined up with Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian on Mammoth Mountain in California! Harry and Kendall were seen at a snowboard shop near the mountain on January 2, 2014 where they posed for photos with fans.

Harry and Kendall have refused to admit that they are dating, instead spilling in interviews that they are merely “friends.” However, according to sources close to the pair they are dating for sure!

Harry has also been trying his best to impress Kendall’s family, and he recently went golfing with Kendall’s dad Bruce Jenner!