ABC Family Picks Up “Mystery Girls” With Tori Spelling And Jennie Garth

January 8, 2014 • By

Mystery Girls ABC Family

ABC Family has picked up a new show with Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth called “Mystery Girls.” The show is set to go into production early this year and will premiere later in the year.

Here’s a description of the show from the network:

‘Mystery Girls,’ starring Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth follows two former detective TV show starlets brought back together by a real-life mystery. Charlie Contour (Garth) is a suburban housewife and mother, while Holly Hamilton (Spelling) longs for her glory days in the 90’s when she was on television. Both of their lives are disrupted when Nick (Pinzon), a witness to a crime and a ‘Mystery Girls’ fanatic, will only speak to the infamous duo, and the former friends must reunite and put their TV crime-solving skills to the test.”

The show stars Tori, Jennie and Miguel Pinzon (“A New York Love Story”). Tori and Jennie are also executive producers on the show along with Maggie Malina. Plus, the concept is from Tori and Shepard Boucher.