ABC’s “Modern Family” Filming An Episode In Australia

January 8, 2014 • By

Modern Family Hawaii

ABC’s “Modern Family” has a partnership with Qantas Airlines, and the airline is flying the cast and crew to Australia to shoot an episode of the hit comedy show there! The shoot will take two weeks in February.

Here’s a note from “Modern Family” creator Steve Levitan:

We are so excited about our trip down under and we promise not to do any ‘down under’ jokes. We look forward to a fantastic shoot in many exotic locations. We loved the family vacation episodes we shot in Hawaii and Wyoming — this one is certainly our most ambitious yet. We promise to feature a kangaroo, a koala and a boomerang. I’m sure there will be lots more, but so far that’s all we know about Australia — our American school system is a disaster. So we thank Qantas for this amazing opportunity to broaden our horizons. Plus it’ll be nice to go to a place where everyone looks like Hugh Jackman and Miranda Kerr. Aussie, Aussie Aussie!

Haha! We can’t wait to watch!

“Modern Family” returns tonight with a brand new episode titled “And One To Grow On“!