Justin Bieber Being Detained While Police Search His Home!

January 14, 2014 • By

Justin Bieber Detained

Justin Bieber woke up this morning to 11 cops cars outside of his home. The LA County Sheriff’s department has a search warrant to look throughout JB’s Calabasas mansion to see if they can find anything that links him to the recent egg attack on his neighbor’s home.

Justin’s neighbor has a video from the attack, and it sounds like Justin is the one hurling eggs and nasty comments at his neighbor, however it’s so dark you can’t see Justin in the video.

Police Raid Justin Bieber Home

Police have detained Justin in his garage while they search his home. The cops are not only looking for other eggs, they are also looking for surveillance footage from Justin’s home that shows him leaving before the incident and returning after.

TMZ has also reported that police are searching the home for drugs as well. We’ll keep you posted.