Find Out Why Cody Simpson Gets On Sister Alli Simpson’s Nerves!

January 15, 2014 • By

Cody Simpson Alli Simpson

Alli Simpson and Cody Simpson are super close in age, so sometimes the siblings get along great, and other times they get on each others nerves! Alli opened up to Idolator about something Cody does that drives her crazy!

He sings all the time. Like all the time. There’s not one time in the house where he’s not singing. He’ll be coming home from a trip and he’ll be singing, ‘Cody’s home.’ Or we’ll be at dinner or we’ll be at school… He just doesn’t stop singing and that gets really annoying. It’s so true though! Like even on the toilet and stuff. I’m just like shut up! It’s ridiculous!

Haha! At least Cody is a fabulous singer so it can’t be THAT bad!

Also, have you heard about Cody’s new web series called “XVII“?