Is Ariana Grande Working Too Hard? She’s Refusing To Sleep!

January 15, 2014 • By

Ariana Grande Second Album

Oh no! It sounds like Ariana Grande could be working WAY too hard!

We know Ariana’s fans want to hear her next album ASAP, but they don’t want her to compromise her health to complete the album quickly! We’re sure Ariana’s fans would much rather the album take a bit longer to complete as long as Ariana is being super healthy!

Ariana revealed to her fans that she isn’t sleeping much because she’s so busy working on her new music! She Tweeted to fans:

barely slept in 3 days… running on a million soy lattes but feels so good to be back to wooooorkkkkk… love y’all, workin hard for ya

We hope Ariana gets some much needed sleep soon!