Liam Hemsworth’s Birthday Party Vs. Miley Cyrus’ Birthday Party

January 16, 2014 • By

Liam Hemsworth Birthday Party

Liam Hemsworth recently celebrated his 24th birthday in New York City! According to reports Liam had a party with his close family and friends on the roof of the Hotel Chantelle. A source spilled:

He was supposed to come in for dinner at 8:30 but ended up arriving around 10:30 for bottle service and dessert.

Liam Hemsworth Birthday

While Liam’s former fiancee Miley Cyrus threw herself a giant party for her last bday, Liam’s party only included himself and 15 friends. The group partied until 3am.

We hope Liam had a wonderful birthday spent with his family and friends!

Which type of party would YOU prefer! A giant birthday bash like Miley had, or a small, intimate party like Liam had?