Lil Za Could Face Up To 3 Years In Jail

January 16, 2014 • By

Lil Za Jail Time

Lil Za was taken out of Justin Bieber’s home in handcuffs after police raided Justin’s Calabasas mansion and found drugs inside. Lil Za was arrested on felony drug charges, and he was arrested a second time while inside jail after getting angry and ripping a phone off of the wall.

According to reports Lil Za could be facing some serious jail time.

The police department is testing the numerous drugs found inside Justin’s home, which could take up to two weeks. Then, they will decide whether or not to prosecute Lil Za for the drugs, and word is he could face years in jail.

Depending on the type of drugs that were found Lil Za could face up to 3 years in jail. Yikes! We’ll keep you posted.