Jan Smith, Mama J, Wants Justin Bieber’s Fans To Pray For Him

January 18, 2014 • By

Justin Bieber Mama J

Justin Bieber’s vocal coach Jan Smith, aka Mama J, wants his fans to pray for him. She took to Twitter today with the following messages that really concerned Justin’s fans:

You don’t kick a young man when he’s down…you lift him up. Reposition your heart and pray with me for @justinbieber

Mama J Justin Bieber

Wise up & RISE up @justinbieber fans! Hollywood ain’t gonna save your singer. Prayers of love & support did it before! Let’s dig him out!

Justin’s fans are worried that Mama J is talking about more than just negative press, and they are wondering if Mama J knows something they don’t about the position Justin is currently in – especially since rumors are flying that Justin needs to go to rehab