Police Seeking Another Search Warrant For Justin Bieber’s Phone

January 22, 2014 • By

Justin Bieber Search Warrant

It is being reported that the police are seeking another search warrant for Justin Bieber - this time for his cell phone. The police took Justin’s phone during the raid on his home, to see if Justin had sent texts to friends after the egging on his neighbor’s home he was accused of. However, the police can’t figure out Justin’s password.

The police asked Justin for the password, but reportedly he is so worried about what else they might find on the phone he refused to give it up. The police will now have to get a warrant to give to the phone company in order to retrieve the texts without getting into Justin’s cell.

The police have assured Justin that they are only looking at texts from the egging on, and they have also revealed that none of his personal photos or texts will leak to the public.