Demi Lovato Says Selena Gomez Is Strong Following Justin Bieber’s Arrest

January 25, 2014 • By

Demi Lovato Ryan Seacrest

Demi Lovato was just on air with Ryan Seacrest and she spoke about her meeting with her on-again BFF Selena Gomez! Demi and Selena had dinner together after Selena’s on and off boyfriend Justin Bieber was arrested.

Selena Gomez Demi Lovato Advice

Here’s what Demi had to say about how Selena was handling the news:

We’re really, really close, and any advice I had for her, we talked last night and—you know—it’s between us. But I love her so much. We have an incredible friendship. [Selena] is strong! She’s doing really well right now, and I’m really happy for her.

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