Billy Ray Cyrus Offers Advice To Justin Bieber

January 28, 2014 • By

Billy Ray Cyrus Justin Bieber

Miley Cyrus’ dad Billy Ray Cyrus has offered a bit of advice to Justin Bieber, plus he has offered him a place to hang out! Here’s what Billy Ray told Access Hollywood when asked about what he would say to the pop star:

I would say, first of all, hey, I’m sure he’s got lots of people talking to him right now. I would just invite him to come down and chill out with me, maybe in Tennessee. Let’s go up to the teepee, build a fire, step away and just, you know, maybe take a break for a little bit, just think about what’s important. Get back to life. … Build a fire, count the deer and the hawks and relax a little bit.

Justin Bieber Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray also added:

He’s got a long life ahead of him, and I’d like to see him just kind of maybe, enjoy a little bit of what he’s got and focus back on the music. He’s a great artist.

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