Justin Bieber Was Angry At A Super Bowl Party On January 31, 2014

February 1, 2014 • By

Justin Bieber Party

Justin Bieber may have been a bit testy after being detained for hours at the New Jersey Airport when customs officers decided to search his plane for a suspicious smell. Justin made his way from the airport to the Maxim Super Bowl party – arriving at 2am.

While Justin was at the party he had his bodyguards shine bright lights at anyone who tried to snap a photo of Justin, except one party guest was able to get a photo with his phone and he sent it to TMZ.

In the picture Justin is making a rude gesture with his hand. Looks like he wasn’t too happy to be photographed at the party.

Maybe Miley Cyrus is right with the advice she gave Justin – party at home! Hear what else Miley had to say here.