Miley Cyrus And Robin Thicke Are Fighting!

February 1, 2014 • By

Miley Cyrus Robin Thicke

Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke are reportedly fighting after Robin told Miley he thinks she took their MTV VMAs performance “too far”! A source spilled to Us Weekly:

Robin is jealous Miley’s career took off after that.

Another source revealed that Robin’s career hasn’t exploded the way Miley’s did since the performance since fans believe he is too old to act in the manner he did on stage. Robin is also reportedly upset that Miley overshadowed him during the performance.

Sources have spilled that Miley is upset with Robin because he has made it seem like the entire performance was her idea and that he had no idea what she was going to do during the show, which Miley states is note the case.

Miley and Robin are reportedly refusing to speak, even when they’ve attended the same events recently. Uh oh!