Sheriff Callie’s Wild West And Henry Hugglemonster Toys At The Disney Store

February 1, 2014 • By

Sheriff Callies Wild West Toys

So far we have checked out the Disney Store in person and online for “Sheriff Callie’s Wild West” toys and “Henry Hugglemonster” toys. We haven’t been able to find either, although online you can get some cool personalized “Henry Hugglemonster” items like t-shirts and mouse pads.

Henry Hugglemonster Toys

Both shows are currently new to Disney Junior, and we have our fingers crossed that if both shows do well and get new seasons they will have toys arriving at the Disney Store and online this summer!

We would love to see some cool character toys for both shows as well as fun playsets featuring some of the scenes from the series.

What type of “Sheriff Callie’s Wild West” and “Henry Hugglemonster” toys are YOU hoping for? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @Disney_Dreaming!

Update: “Henry Hugglemonster” toys are on the way!