Selena Gomez Went To Rehab In January 2014

February 5, 2014 • By

Selena Gomez Rehab January

According to a new report from Radar Online, Selena Gomez went to rehab in January 2014 for a two-week stay. The report states that Selena stayed at a rehab facility in Arizona after her parents told her they were concerned with the path she was heading down.

Selena Gomez Rehab

A source told the site that Selena had been “partying very hard” in the months leading up to her stay in rehab. The source continued:

Her friends and family became increasingly worried that there might be a serious problem with Selena. Particularly, her parents. The partying was, at times, wild. They wanted to help her — and they very much encouraged her to go to rehab. Others very close to her also urged her to seek professional help. It’s important to remember that Selena had worked in Hollywood non-stop for six years. She was exhausted. Selena was smart enough to understand that she needed to take control of her life. It just got to a point where she needed to get out of Los Angeles, get away from ‘the scene’ and the pressures of Hollywood, to also get away from those who had, admittedly, become a bad influence on her. Selena needed to take the opportunity to work on herself. She realized she needed help.

We’ll keep you posted if we hear anything else about this…

Update: TMZ has confirmed that Selena did go to rehab. Read more here.