Upsetting Details About Justin Bieber’s Recent Flight Revealed

February 6, 2014 • By

Justin Bieber Airplane Report

Some of the crew members on Justin Bieber’s recent flight to New Jersey are seriously upset with the pop star. According to new reports the crew on the private plane had to wear oxygen masks in order to avoid all of the smoke inside, which is the smell that led customs to search Justin’s plane when he landed.

Customs officers did not find any substances aboard the private plane, however Justin has been added to the airport security watch list, and his plane will be searched every time it takes off and lands in the US from now on.

Justin Bieber Airplane

Here’s an official report, via NBC, about the plane ride:

“The captain of the flight stated that he warned the passengers, including Bieber, on several occasions to stop smoking marijuana.

The captain also stated he needed to request that the passengers stop their harassing behavior toward the flight attendant and after several warnings asked the flight attendant to stay with him near the cockpit to avoid any further abuse. [She said] she would not work another flight with them.”

Yikes! Justin has yet to comment on the new reports.