Anna Kendrick Spills What She Knows About The “Pitch Perfect” Sequel Movie

February 8, 2014 • By

Pitch Perfect 2 Movie

There’s a “Pitch Perfect” sequel movie on the way! The film will be directed by Elizabeth Banks, and will arrive in theaters in 2015!

Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson just signed on to reprise their roles. When E! News asked Anna if she hopes the rest of the cast signs on for the next film as well she replied:

I hope so, certainly!

Anna also had this to say about the plot of the movie:

I can see it picking up in the year 3000 when we’re all cryogenically frozen. And our voices are digital and we’re breaking the sound barrier.

Anna spilled that she doesn’t know anything about the plot right now, but she is sure it’s going to be even better than the first film! Are YOU excited for the “Pitch Perfect” sequel movie? We sure are!

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