Lucas Grabeel Loves His “Sheriff Callie’s Wild West” Character!

February 15, 2014 • By

Lucas Grabeel Deputy Peck

Lucas Grabeel opened up to Babble about playing the character Deputy Peck on Disney Junior’s “Sheriff Callie’s Wild West.” Here’s what Lucas had to say about his decision to join the show:

I’ve always dreamed of doing voice-over, making silly voices as a kid. I loved the thought of being an animated character. It was one of those things. I was auditioning as much as I could and showed up with the right voice at the right time. Now that I’ve been able to see the finished product, it’s such a cute show and I’m so happy to be a part of it. There’s really great energy. Everyone’s super smart. We have a lot of fun and I think that transcends through the microphone.

Lucas Grabeel Sheriff Callies Wild West

And here’s what Lucas said about the voice he chose for his character Peck:

They said it was a country western show with a Barney Fife-like character. I’m from Missouri and my dad talks like this [does his best Peck voice.] So I did an impersonation of him and just notched it up a bit.

Have you seen “Sheriff Callie’s Wild West”? We LOVE the show, and have our fingers crossed that “Sheriff Callie’s Wild West” toys come to the Disney Store this summer!