Emily Osment And Gregg Sulkin “A Daughter’s Nightmare” Movie Poster

February 19, 2014 • By

A Daughters Nightmare Movie Poster

The movie poster has arrived for Emily Osment and Gregg Sulkin’s Lifetime movie “A Daughter’s Nightmare.” Actors in the movie include:

Emily Osment as Ariel
Gregg Sulkin as Ben
Paul Johansson as Adam
Victoria Pratt as Dana
Richard Karn as Carmeron
Eric Breker as Vic
Alex Zahara as Dr. Shwarzstein
Giles Panton as George
Paul Jarrett as Minister
Jaden Rain as Brooks
Kate Bateman as Adam’s Mama
Andy Holmes as Young Officer
Glen Gordon as Child Adam
Mikayla Rothwell as Background
Gabriela Zimmerman as Maria

The movie is a follow-up film to “A Mother’s Nightmare” released in 2012 and “A Sister’s Nightmare” released in 2013.

Emily also wrote a song for the movie! Learn more here.