One Direction Worried After Harry Styles Hurries To LA To See Kendall Jenner

February 22, 2014 • By

Harry Styles Kendall Jenner LA

One Direction just met up in London for the first time in weeks to attend the BRIT Awards together. The guys were happy to be reunited and planned to spend time together, but immediately after the awards show Harry Styles jetted off to Los Angeles, California!

The guys are worried that Harry flew back to see Kendall Jenner, and they believe she could tear apart the group!

A source told OK! Magazine:

Kendall’s a sweet girl, but they see her as a bigger threat than Taylor Swift ever was. She seems to have cast a spell over Harry and it’s disrupting other areas of his life because he’s always wanting to spend time with her or chat with her on the phone when they’re apart. It’s causing a lot of unrest. He seems to be losing interest in the band. The other day, Harry and Niall [Horan] almost came to blows when Niall confronted Harry when he showed up late for a meeting. Things got out of hand before Zayn [Malik] stepped in to break them up.
When Harry was with Taylor, he virtually divorced himself from the group. She took over his whole life and caused all kinds of arguments because he didn’t seem so committed to the band. They have a monumental year ahead of them, but Harry just wants to do his own thing. He’s tired of being told what to do and working to other people’s schedules.

Yikes! Are YOU worried about Harry dating Kendall?