Tiffany Thornton’s Baby Is On The Way!

February 24, 2014 • By

Tiffany Thornton Giving Birth

Tiffany Thornton revealed to her fans last night that she was nesting super bad! She spilled:

Oh my gosh I’m nesting SO BAD right now!! I just want to clean my ENTIRE home + stay up all night doing laundry! But hubby says I need 2 sleep

Tiffany Thornton 8 Months Pregnant

We’re going to predict that Tiffany delivers her baby in the next week! We know Tiffany is at least 8 months pregnant, but she and her husband Chris Carney have yet to announce the due date of their second child – or the gender!

Congratulations in advance to Tiffany and her family on their new bundle of joy!