Source Claims Jonas Brothers Are In Family Therapy To Work Out Their Differences

March 7, 2014 • By

Jonas Brothers Therapy

A source has come forward to reveal that the Jonas Brothers – Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas – are in family therapy. The source claims that the guys broke up as a band because they couldn’t get along, and their parents were so disappointed that they told them they had to go to therapy in order to learn to get along again!

The source told Star Magazine:

They are seeing a therapist to mend what their rep called a ‘deep rift within the band.’ Joe thought he was a bigger star than his brothers, and all he wanted to do was party and be a rock star, while Nick wants a serious music career. Kevin was caught in the middle. They were sick of each other, and angry too. Denise put her foot down and ordered her sons into therapy. They guys are trying; they’re finally realizing that they are brothers first, and that’s what really matters.

We wish the Jonas Brothers the best!

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Jonas Brothers Family Therapy