Ed Sheeran Says The One Direction Members Need To Eat A Burger

March 8, 2014 • By

Ed Sheeran One Direction

Ed Sheeran chatted with Ryan Seacrest recently, and the topic of his friends One Direction came up! Ryan asked Ed which 1D member was the most buff, and Ed replied:

I don’t know, any of them… Do they bench press?

One Direction Ed Sheeran

Ed then added:

I think they’d enjoy themselves more if they didn’t just eat Kit Kats and drink coffee. Who wants to do that? Eat a burger now and then, c’mon! I’m on my fried diet at the moment. If it’s fried, I’ll eat it.

See the way that I measure buffness for me, is I have a one-pack. It’s actually very impressive. I go through rolls on my stomach. I started out with three rolls, which is a good amount of fries and stuff like that, but then the more you drink and the more you eat, you get two rolls and then one roll and then it’s just one gut. But you end up having a really tough gut. So it’s like having a six-pack but it’s a one-pack.

Too funny!