Justin Bieber Creating His Own Line Of Styrofoam Cups

March 9, 2014 • By

Justin Bieber Line Of Cups

Justin Bieber is reportedly creating his very own line of styrofoam cups. According to TMZ, Justin hopes to design a line of cups with graphics on them that mirror the graphics fans have seen in his graffiti artwork.

Justin likes to drink out of styrofoam cups when he is hanging out with his friends, but he prefers when the cups are decorated, so usually he will draw on them himself. However, Justin would rather if the cups were pre-decorated, so that’s the reason he wants to launch his line of cups.

Justin Bieber Styrofoam Cups

Both Rick Ross and Soulja Boy have their own line of cups. No word yet how they feel about Justin deciding to come out with his own line as well.

P.S. Have you heard that Niall Horan is mad at Selena Gomez for reuniting with Justin?