One Direction’s Niall Horan Upset Selena Gomez Reunited With Justin Bieber

March 9, 2014 • By

Niall Horan Upset With Selena Gomez

Yikes! One Direction member Niall Horan is pretty upset with former Disney star Selena Gomez. Selena recently flew to London, England to go on a date with Niall, and after she returned home she ended up reuniting with her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber instead of calling Niall to hang out again.

Selena Gomez Niall Horan Date

According to sources Niall understands that he and the rest of the 1D members are about to go on tour so starting a relationship would have been tough right now, but he believes that Selena led him on even though she was still pining for Justin!

Plus, Niall hadn’t wanted to date Selena because he didn’t want to upset Justin, but he thought enough time had gone by since their split that it would be alright. Little did he know the pair would reunite, and now he thinks his friendship with Justin is done forever!

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