Selena Gomez Smitten By Justin Bieber After Recent Get Together

March 9, 2014 • By

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Meet Up

Selena Gomez is reportedly smitten by Justin Bieber after their recent meet-up. Justin knew that Selena had to leave for a concert in Mexico this weekend, so he flew from Georgia to Texas in order to spend a day with her before she left.

Selena is loving the fact that Justin will drop everything he’s up to now to see her – something she felt he wasn’t doing enough before.

Selena Gomez In Love With Justin Bieber

A source told Hollywood Life about Selena’s feelings towards the pop star:

She likes him and the fact that he just up and dropped everything to see her makes her love him even more. He’s back on his game and scoring major cool points with Selena right now.

As much as Selena loves Justin, she might decide not to see him anymore after Taylor Swift gave her an ultimatum!