Taylor Swift Gives Selena Gomez An Ultimatum About Justin Bieber

March 9, 2014 • By

Taylor Swift Selena Gomez Ultimatum

Sounds like Taylor Swift is so over Selena Gomez’s on and off relationship with Justin Bieber. Taylor has reportedly given Selena an ultimatum – telling her that it’s either she or him!

Taylor has given Selena until the end of the weekend to make her decision – maybe that’s why Selena met up with Justin last week.

Selena Gomez BFF Taylor Swift

A source told Hollywood Life:

She is already aware of them getting together and hates the latest developments with Selena and Justin. She finds Justin to be one of the worst people she has ever met. She hates him and hates that he has this control over Selena. She has tried over and over to tell Selena he is awful for her and she doesn’t listen, so now she is going to give the ultimatum to Selena by the end of the weekend — friendship or Justin!

Should Selena have to choose?