Cody Simpson’s Contract With “Dancing With The Stars” Leaks

March 14, 2014 • By

Cody Simpson DWTS

Cody Simpson had to sign a strict contract with “Dancing With The Stars” since he is a minor. The contract states that Cody will receive $125,000 for his time on the show, plus more money the longer he makes it in the competition.

Cody’s deal with the show states that he can’t remove his mic for any reason unless it’s a bathroom break. In addition, the show execs have to approve his hair and can cut it whenever they wish.

Cody Simpson Dancing With The Stars

Cody has also signed an agreement to appear on the following shows to promote his DWTS appearance:

Jimmy Kimmel Live
Good Morning America
The View

Be sure to tune in to see Cody on DWTS on March 17, 2014!