Were The “LOST” Characters Dead The Whole Series?

March 17, 2014 • By

Lost Characters Dead The Whole Series

LOST” creators and stars came together at PaleyFest this year to have a 10 year reunion! One big question was answered – were the “LOST” characters dead since the plane crash?

Here’s how “LOST” creator Carlton Cuse answered:

No, no, no. They were not dead the whole time. At the end of the series finale, [an ABC exec] thought it would be good to have a buffer between when you have the end of the show and when they cut to say, a Clorox commercial. We didn’t have a lot of extra footage lying around, but we had footage of the plane wreckage on the beach. We thought, let’s put those shots at the end of the show and it will be a little buffer and lull. And when people saw the footage of the plane with no survivors, it exacerbated the problem.

Does the ending of “LOST” make more sense to you now?

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