Ariana Grande Isn’t Sure When Her Song With Chris Brown Will Release

March 18, 2014 • By

Ariana Grande Chris Brown Duet

Chris Brown was just sent to jail for a month, and it has confused Ariana Grande! Ariana has no idea when her song “Don’t Be Gone Too Long,” which she recorded with Chris, will arrive.

The countdown for the song release was set to start just as Chris was arrested. Ariana at first told fans that the song release date would be pushed back, but then she got a call that it could come out on time!

Ariana Tweeted to her fans:

I get a call that the song was pushed back… then I get a call that it isn’t… gonna take the back seat with this one.

Ariana also revealed that she was in the recording studio last night working on new songs for her sophomore album.

Fingers crossed that “Don’t Be Gone Too Long” arrives soon!