One Direction Wants Fans To Be A Part Of Their Where We Are Stadium Tour

March 18, 2014 • By

One Direction Where We Are Stadium Tour

One Direction is heading on their Where We Are Stadium Tour soon, but not before they include their fans in the tour! Here’s a note from the guys:

“It’s tour time soon and the band would like your help! This time the lads want you to send us your instavids with your questions to be featured in the show! But they can’t just be any old videos. We want the most creative, funny and exciting videos. What question do you think the band would like to hear that they have never heard before?

Where do you live? Perhaps you could ask your question from the Eiffel tower or maybe from the Great Wall of China! The band want their fans from all over the world to be a part of their biggest ever shows!

Our first stop is South America so if you want to be on the big screens during the 1D Stadium Tour, GET CREATIVE! Remember, only the most interesting will be featured.

So here’s what you do:

Record an interesting/creative/funny/original question and video
upload it to Instagram include the #1DTourSAmerica only if you agree to us using the video and the other terms set out in the [TERMS AND CONDITIONS]…
Post video and include the country you are from
If you are coming to a show, lets us know the date and ticket numbers too (if you have them)
NB: #1DTourSAmerica – # will vary per territory UK , Europe etc.”

Fabulous! Let us know if you send in a video to be featured during one of One Direction’s concerts!