James Maslow Talks About Switching Dance Partners On “Dancing With The Stars”

March 23, 2014 • By

James Maslow DWTS Partner Switch

The celebrity contestants on “Dancing With The Stars” are going to have to switch dance partners soon, but they don’t know much about what is going to happen…Here’s what Big Time Rush star James Maslow had to say about the switch that’s on the way:

When it comes to the big switch they keep talking about, they tell us very little, so I’m not sure if it’s going to happen next week. They’ve described multiple different scenarios where we can choose to go back to our partner if we like or that could be a fan vote as well. I hope that I have the choice to go back to Peta because we’ve worked really hard together already; we’ve established a team and I don’t want to start over with somebody else. Please don’t take this out of context in a dating sense, but I don’t want to shun Peta with some other dancer. She’s spending her time and effort to understand me, it’s like a little relationship that you’re developing throughout this for all of the contestants.

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