Selena Gomez Ordered To Go To Court For Justin Bieber Deposition

March 28, 2014 • By

Selena Gomez Deposition

Selena Gomez has just been ordered to go to court for a deposition regarding Justin Bieber. Justin’s recent deposition lasted for four hours. We wonder how long Selena’s will last…

Selena is set to be asked questions about an altercation Justin had with a paparazzi member in which he allegedly kicked the man in the stomach. Selena was there for the altercation, and that is why she has been called in to testify.

The photographer has revealed that Selena saw the whole thing, and he wants to hear her side of the story. It has also been revealed that the attorney questioning Selena is hoping that she spills secrets about Justin’s temper.

P.S. Have you heard that Justin’s sister Jazzy Bieber is starting her career?